Gmail POP3 Checker

This is a user script you can download and install into both Chrome and Firefox which allows you to change the settings in Gmail so that your external accounts POP3 faster than the default of once every hour.

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Google Play with

This is a user script you can download and install into both Chrome and Firefox which allows you to scrobble and love currently playing tracks to

There are some additional features the script allows you to do within Google Play which are not part of, but add value to overall experience.

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Elder Dictionary

Consisting of elderly terms, meanings and definitions, Elder Dictionary brings you old-time vocabulary in a presentable and creative way. This user contributed dictionary is sure to please Ma’, the Old-Man, and the little Whipper-Snappers alike. So check it out, and I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two.

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A simple and quick link shortener with basic statistics on views of your shortened links.

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  1. Hi Daniel.

    I use Gmail POP3 Checker and have grown very dependent on it, however, I would love to have the same module for Inbox.
    I can see on older comments that you were working on this, should I keep my hopes up? Can you give some kind of status on the project.

    Thanks for the great work.

  2. LOVE your scrobbler script! I’ve tried extensions, but none of them seem to work as consistently as your script does. It’s awesome!

  3. Thanks for the scrobbler. I recommend it to everyone now that has seemed to abandoned their scrobbler for those of us with 64bit computers. Thanks again.

  4. Hello there, your POP3 checker is amazing 🙂 But upon seeing here that Gmail must be opened for it to work, how will this work with Inbox? the same applies? I always keep Inbox Open, do i also have to open Gmail now?


  5. Daniel,

    The new update for Gmail POP3 Checker seems not be working. I’m using Chrome and Tampermonkey. Is there anything I can do? The countdown is not working to push the email through.


    • Hello Steve,

      Is the countdown displaying, it’s just not pulling in email as fast as it says it should?

      If you go to “Settings” “Accounts and Imports” and then scroll down to where there are links about “view history”, do any of the “view history” popups show frequent checks? This page may also show any errors Gmail is having connecting to your external POP3 accounts.

      Also, keep in mind that you must always have internet connection, Gmail must be open, and the script must be running for it to work.

  6. well i was surfing on the internet when it popped out and caught my attention because its not a normal game, its a light game so anyone will be able to play anywhere! its a great idea!

    • littleRPG is a project I’ve been working on which is an in-browser (online) massive multiplayer turn based role playing game. It’s currently under beta, and is quite a ways from being mainstream. The fun part is that it works even on the iPhone! How did you hear about it?

  7. Thank you for your interest in using Switchboard! I would love to send you an example of how to use two different templates, as well as the best practices on where to place database queries. There is also a PHP version of Switchboard, in the case you’d be interested in that as well. Since I just got your email and am heading to bed shortly to be up in about 5 hours, I will not have time to work on this example tonight. I’ll start documenting a simple example and should have this to you within the next few days. If there is anything in particular you’d like to see functioning (such as a simple blog, or something) let me know. I realize the documentation for this framework is pretty limited, and I need to get around to writing something up. Please do not hesitate to ask if you ever have any other questions regarding this framework.

    Coldfusion: (A new version release was made on September 27th if you haven’t downloaded it yet)
    PHP: (this version is not updated to the latest features of the Coldfusion version, but is still pretty snazzy)

  8. Hi Daniel, do you have an example application that has a DB that I can lool at that is done in switchboard? Or does any documentation exist anywhere for the framework? I am interested in the ColdFusion version.

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