Projects & About Pages

I added the Projects and About page to the navigation up-top. The Projects page contains links to downloadable scripts I have written. The About page contains a resume view of my accomplishments.

Hope bits and pieces of that helps,
Daniel Slaughter

It’s true, I’m not a girl (or am I?)

My Celebrity Look-alikesIt was bothering me that myHeritage said my facial characteristics looked like that of a woman. So, I found a more recent picture that didn’t look so much like a baby face and gave it a shot. The results for this came back as higher percentages than the last post. My number one pick is Matt Damon (75%), followed by Christie Brinkley (75%), Missi Pyle (71%), Anna Paquin (70%), Fred Savage (70%), Laetitia Casta (70%), Jamie Bell (70%), and Mariah Carey (70%).

At least this time around it says I resemble 3 guys at higher percentages.
Daniel Slaughter

It’s true, I am a pretty girl (or Magic Johnson)

My Celebrity Look-alikesEric, Dave and Ben were uploading images to a website called myHeritage to discover what actors they most resembled. I did not have an available (good) picture of myself on Friday, so I waited until I got home. To my dismay, myHeritage determined that I most resembled Julia Roberts (62%), Lauren Bacall (56%), Susan Saradon (53%), Magic Johnson (52%), and Sophia Loren (51%). There is no way I could resemble Magic Johnson, and Dave can account for that one. Now, I know I’m a little hottie, but I wasn’t aware that my facial features were best portrayed in those of females. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

I’m beautiful, and now I can prove it,
Daniel Slaughter