Wee Wee Stats: Twitter’s Best Statistical Restroom Usage

Wee Wee Stats is a project Mike Rapin and I thought up and developed to answer the scientific questions, “How often do I pee and poop?” and “Do I pee and/or poop more during the winter or the summer? Does it really matter the season?”

This new fandangled device uses Twitter, a Web 2.0 device to track the little things you do in life, as its data collection. To sign into Wee Wee Stats you’ll first need to register a twitter username. This username will give you access to text messaging, using many programs, or just using Twitter’s website to enter your restroom usage.

If you’re already familiar with Twitter then you simply need to do one of these:
d wwst 1
d wwst 2
d wwst 2 home corn

Yes children, “home” and “corn” are tags! Like every other sweet website out there we let you tag your restroom experiences so you can look back later and compare. It’ll also work amazingly for upcoming statistics and graphs.

It’s sweet! Check it out,
Daniel Slaughter

A work day with a student: Ben

Because he is running for president someday, Ben likes to keep his under aged drinking habits a secret:

Dan: I hear you’ve been a MIP
Ben: No never
Dan: they said you tried beer.
Ben: You can’t talk about this over AIM, its unencrypted

With this next one keep in mind that Ben sits less than 20 feet away from me:

Ben: Maybe its better if we talk on the phone, I can call you

The Somethingstore.com: Einsteinian Gluons

I bought a something from the somethingstore.com and, after waiting 17 days, finally got it. Although I had envisioned getting something awesome to my surprise it was not.

The item I purchased for $10 ended up being worthless beyond all belief. I got Einsteinian Gluons; an Einstein themed sticky note book. What computer science geek would use sticky notes? I suppose I could label my computers time to time.

A couple other guys in the office got a something too. They both got the same thing which ended up being an inexpensive coffee mug (lame!).

Here are some pictures of my mysterious purchase:
Einsteinian Gluons: Sticky NotesEinsteinian Gluons: Sticky NotesEinsteinian Gluons: Sticky Notes

For those of you who are interested, the actual cost of my something is less than $6 on Amazon.

Into Diet Mode and a Walk in Grand Rapids

I have decided to start eating healthy again. For a while I have went off of my low-sodium healthy foods kick and now I want it back! I work exactly one mile from my apartment in downtown Grand Rapids, MI and thus have decided to walk to and from work every day. Today for lunch I have various fruits and rice which I added spices, carrots, onions and green-pepper to. Wish me good luck!