Elder Dictionary: Elderly Terms, Meanings and Definitions

In an effort for humor and eduction I have created a fun website called “Elder Dictionary.” On Elder Dictionary user submitted words and definitions and pooled together to document sayings old people used to say, and some may still. Words include “little bugger,” “smitten kitten,” “davenport,” and a growing list of more! The glossary as of date consists of over 100 words, and is exploding from its soft launch last Sunday (May 8th, 2011).

Elder Dictionary Screenshot

Daniel Slaughter

SXSW 2011: Be a Lead Generation Superstar with HTML5 Forms

Chris Coyier
Lead Hucklebucker
Wufoo (@wufoo)

Kevin Hale
Infinity Box Inc

Organizations involved with HTML5



  • 1990-1995 HTML
  • 1997 HTML3.2
  • 1998 HTML4
  • 2000 XHTML 1.0
  • 2003 XForms: client side validation, but requires a plugin
  • 2004 WHATWG Forms: can’t we just fix HTML? YES!

What is WHATWG?

  • Opera approached W3C with new specifications to work  with current means of HTML. However, W3C basically said no. So, Opera got Safari, Opera, and Firefox involved and formed WHATWG. And then once they had all them, W3C changed their minds and adopted this idea too.

WHATWG Core Principles

  • Backwards Compatible
  • Specifications and Implementations Need to Match
  • More Detailed Specifications

Best Practices for Lead Generation

A lead is information you collect from a user that allows you to take your interaction with them to the next level. Typical Shareware games do 0.5% conversion rate. Flickr is estimated at 5-10%. AdultFriendFinder does 10-22% conversion rate. Amazon.com does a 17.2% conversation rate. And TurboTax online does a 70% online conversion rate.

Steps to Increase your Conversion Rate

  • Labels: the closer the label is to the field, the faster they can process the information.
  • Columns: single column fields do better than double.
  • Number of Fields
  • Pagination: Make sure you establish the progress in which they’re through the form. The moment you don’t they’ll stop.

Types of Speed

  • Infrastructure Speed: how long it takes for the form/page to load from the server to the user.
  • Navigation Speed: how many fields are there? How long will it take to physically go through the form.
  • Cognitive Speed: how much text is there for them to read?
  • Input Speed: are answers pre-selected, or are they not?
  • Validation Speed: how long does it take the user to understand the error?

HTML Composition

  • Semantics
  • Offline Storage
  • Device Access
  • Connectivity
  • Multimedia
  • 3D Graphics
  • Performance
  • CSS3
  • …but what about Forms?

HTML Bad News

  • Very inconsistent browser support even among leading browsers
  • It’s buggy
  • the UI for much of it is ugly
  • The UX for much of it is iffy
  • You’re going to need to write JavaScript fallbacks

Good News

  • You can still use HTML5 form features to make your forms better
  • Some features you can use without thinking twice (eg. type=tel)
  • There are JavaScript fallbacks


See References below; especially HTML5 Forms Readiness Chart.

So What’s It Missing We’d Like?

  • Implement More of the Spec. Please.
  • Ability to Style Errors and Widgets
  • IE9… Where are you?
  • Drawing Field
  • Location Field
  • WYSIWYG Textarea
  • Access to Camera and Microphones
  • JSON and/or XML as Encoding Type


  • HTML5 Forms Readiness Chart
  • Modernizr: To be backwards compatible select Input Type, Input Attributes, and both options under Other.
  • Yepnope.js: If the feature isn’t there, you can load backwards compatible scripts. This is AWESOME!
  • TeleJect: Allows you to get an actual address of a LAT/LONG from the geoLocation data through Google Maps API.

SXSW 2011: Your Mom Has an iPad: Designing for Boomers

John McRee (@johnmcree)
Lead User Experience Architect

EffectiveUI was brain storming ideas of what would be a good topic at a conference, and this was what John came up with. The idea stuck, and the office and industry had a great reaction to the idea. The question simply is: is designing for boomers important or relevant.

John recites a poem:

A computer was something on TV
From a science fiction show of note.
A window was something you hated to clean,
And ram was the cousin of a goat

Meg was the name of my girlfriend.
A gig was a job for the night.
Now they all mean different things,
And that really mega bytes.

An application was for employment.
A program was a TV show.
A cursor used profanity.
A keyboard was a piano.

Memory was something that you lost with age.
A CD was a bank account.
And if you had a three-inch floppy,
You hoped nobody found out.

Compress was something you did to the garbage,
Not something you did to a file.
And if you unzipped anything in public,
You’d be in jail for a while.

Log on was adding wood to the fire.
Hard drive was a long trip on the road.
A mouse pad was where a mouse lived.
And a backup happened to your commode.

Cut, you did with a pocket knife.
Paste, you did with glue.
A web was a spider’s home.
And a virus was the flu.

I guess I’ll stick to my pad and paper
And the memory in my head.
I hear nobody’s been killed in a computer crash,
But when it happens they wish they were dead.

Interesting Information

In truth, Boomers love technology. The older generations are really something to focus in. The younger generation is powering forward, but we need to learn as much as we can to support everyone.

More and more older individuals are using the iPad. The Nintendo Wii, for example, spent a lot of it’s marketing on a non-traditional gaming market, including elders.

Boomers comprise more than a third of the online population. Compared with non-boomers, they consider themselves more savvy than the rest of the population. 47% of internet uses ages 50-54 are using networking sites, 26% of 65+ are too. Percentage using social networking by age is on the rise, it’s a pretty straight linear trend right now.

Between the ages of 50-64 Twitter use has went up 120%!

Boomers spend the most money on technology because they have it. Close to 80 million Americans controlling 50% of the country’s discretionary spending. Boomer women spend more money in all channels than women from all other generations (Forrester Research). They outspent younger adults by $1 trillion in 2010.

The oldest members of the Baby Boom generation turn 65 this year. They’re too young to have any personal memory of WWII, but old enough to remember the postwar American High. There are 79 million Baby Boomers, which is 26% of the population

How to design for Boomers?

Well, we don’t. Design for goals and behaviors, aptitude, and attitude, not generation. Age isn’t something you should really focus on unless it’s a very specific audience. However, there are patterns to consider.

  • Like to learn new technologies and share their knowledge: but really, who doesn’t?
  • Want technology to be safer
  • Want technology to be easier to use
  • See technology as a tool
  • Expect technology to adapt to them

Like to learn new technologies and share their knowledge: but really, who doesn’t?

The Kickass Curve: Once you get someone through the sucky part of using new technology, then they get into this cool area where they can start to use technology and “Kickass.” When someone becomes “Kickass” then they want to show all their friends, and promotes the product. So, how do we make a product Kickass?

  • Overlay the product with instructions.
  • Point to obvious places where you interact and get at the functionality of the product.
  • Keep it simple, sleek, and easy to use. Give little tid-bits of information on where to start, and where to go. Sure you can have the ability to dig in deeper and get crazy, just simple on the interface. Just get them through the “suck threshold” as soon as you can.

Want technology to be safer

Use things like loading bars, use pagination so people know how to jump forward and backwards in steps. Use strong visual design to establish trust. An ugly website will scare people of how reputable it is.

Want technology to be easier to use

Consistent navigation and behavior. Don’t have a bunch of ways to navigate the website. Have a consistent nomenclature: Submit, Continue, Proceed, Cancel, Go, etc.

See technology as a tool

Increasing features doesn’t make something easier to use. The “feature race” is competing to have the most amount of features in your apps. The people in the “UX” stage are the little guys competing against bigger companies with lots of features. Boomers just simply want a nice feature, and nothing else as it gets confusing.

Expect technology to adapt to them

They want to be able to talk to people, to communicate, and do it easily.


In the workforce 42% of people have a significant disability when nearing retirement. The workforce benefiting from accessibility tech is 60%: GPS speech output, closed captioning, accessible software. The self perception of aging is “disability” is a huge turn-off. Even seniors when asked if they’re old, they’ll deny it. No one wants to click on something to acknowledge they’re old.

  • Limit on-click events
  • Use external labels on forms, and don’t have the text box change when you click into it
  • Meaningful links of what it means, not just “learn more…”
  • Make sure color contrast is there. There are tools on Google where you can enter the foreground and background color and it will give you a number on how much it contrasts.

Session Summarize

Boomers want to learn and share safe, easy to use technology as long as they see it as a tool that’s useful. Make sure you design for goals and behaviors, aptitude, and attitude; not generation.

Best FREE Android Applications (Games, Tools, and More)

Android Logo

I remember when I first got my Droid Incredible by HTC and I scoured the internet for blog posts about the “Top Android Applications.” Come to find out they all posted the same applications, give or take a few, and they all pretty much sucked (yeah, I said it). Now, I’m not saying these are the best ones, but they sure are pretty sweet!


  • Bonsai Blast IconBonsai Blast: A path of balls go through various maze paths requiring you to shoot and attach three balls of the same color to eliminate the strand before it gets to the end.
  • Mahjong IconMahjong: The classic block stack game where you need to find two of the same to remove them, ideally having no blocks left in the end. You have to like Mahjong to enjoy the tedious searching of this game, but it can cure your boredom.
  • Alchemy IconAlchemy: This is an interesting “game” where you match two “Elements” which then may or may not make a new Element. Constantly combining Elements can add up to hundreds of new Elements… including a Yoshi Doll! I kind of got bored with this after a while, but it’s a fun concept nonetheless.
  • Wordfeud IconWordfeud Free: Simply put, it’s online multiplayer Solitary. This game is ad supported but there is a paid non-ad version for around $4 which unlocks some other things too.
  • Traffic Jam IconTraffic Jam Free: Try to get the main brick/car/log out of the Jam by moving around the other objects until a straight line is formed. This game has thousands of different puzzle combinations which get harder and harder as you go. This is ad supported, but they’re not obnoxious.
  • Solitaire IconSolitaire: This game does not have any ads and is completely free. It’s just a very well done Solitaire game which minimal stats (best time, wins/losses). Also includes Spider, Freecell, and Forty Thieves.
  • Raging Thunder IconRaging Thunder Lite: A beautiful 3d racing game with a sequel (see below). The Lite version is pretty minimal on what you can do but it does offer a couple cars, quick race mode, and one or two tracks to race on.
  • Raging Thunder 2 IconRaging Thunder 2 Lite: The sequel to the racing game above. Again, the Lite version is pretty minimal but the full version has a dozen or so maps, cars, enhancements, and tournament rounds with online leaderboards. I did end up buying the full version of this version and it can be quite fun.
  • Pocket Legends IconPocket Legends (3D MMO): Another very pretty 3d game which is similar to World of Warcraft (WoW) in style. Now, you cannot expect WoW on your phone, but for having minimal functionality this pretty much hit it on the head. It is massive multiplayer meaning you’re playing in the same world as everyone else in the world. What’s nice about this app is it’s also available on the iPhone so you can play with those kids! This app is FREE like the rest in this list, but you can pay for “silver coins” which will allow you to buy better items and go further into the game if you wish.
  • Guns'n'Glory IconGuns N’ Glory: A pretty overhead top down game where you move Cowboys, Indians, and Outlaws around in a Tower Defense like game to prevent the Westerners from, well, going west and taking their loot. The commentary is witty, and it’s an enjoyable game to play. This game is ad supported, and not obnoxious.
  • Angry Birds IconAngry Birds: Everyone is talking about this right now. However, unlike those iPhone folks who have to pay $1 for their copy, yours is FREE! Why is it free? Well, it is ad supported, and Android/Google Market doesn’t charge developers $99/application/year to post them there… silly iPhone.
  • Angry Birds Seasons IconAngry Birds Seasons: The same exact game as above, but with Halloween and Christmas themed levels. Smash pumpkins and blast through new icicle tiles to get at those pesky piggies.


  • Wyse PocketCloud IconWyse PocketCloud Free: Have a computer at home you want to RDP or VNC into so you can move your cursor around, click on things, and completely control it? Well, you can! Obviously over 3G it is sluggish compared to WiFi, but it does still work. It’s nice that I can use my computer at home from across the country if I wanted to. The Free version only allows you to save the settings for one Computer at a time, and other than that is pretty much the same as the full version.
  • Lookout Mobile Security IconLookout Mobile Security: This Application is a must have for anyone with an Android device. The free version will backup your contacts list, photos, and even recent call log! It’ll scan downloaded Applications and your whole phone for viruses. And, if you loose your phone (this is where it gets cool) you can log into the website online and it will show you where it is on a map via the GPS within 5-10 meters! Woah! The paid version will also let you completely lock out your phone (but I’d recommend just setting a password of some type anyways) and/or wipe out all the data on your phone if you loose it. And surprisingly, it takes little to no battery life to use!
  • Twitter IconTwitter: This is the official twitter.com application, and it’s by far the best one out there. It’s pretty, trendy, and it’ll even allow you to message or follow me at @danielslaughter.
  • The Weather Channel IconThe Weather Channel: Is it raining outside? Well, why check the window when you could just check your phone, ‘eh? But seriously, this little guy will keep a running temperature in your task bar if you want it to, and even tell you up to 10 days in advance what the weather is going to be. Is there a tornado looming in your area? No worry! It’ll even notify you of hazards and warnings too!
  • CalWidget IconCalWidget: I switched from a Blackberry to the Android and I really wanted to find a nice widget which I could customize to look like the Blackberry theme with the calendar on the homepage. Well, here she is. This thing has around 12 different dimensions for widgets, and is completely customizable down to your first offspring’s gender.
  • Barcode Scanner IconBarcode Scanner: You’ve probably seen those pesky QR tags all around the place; I hear they’re huge in Japan. Well, rather it be a QR code, a barcode off your mother’s lipstick, or anything else with lines you can scan it with this. It even has an option to send the barcode via a URL of your choice if you want! Pretty nice feature if you’re a nerd who’s made their own website to inventory something.
  • Meebo IM IconMeebo IM: Do not download all those silly little Instant Messenger clients, just save your time and get this one. If you haven’t ever used Meebo or ever even heard of it then get out from under a rock, create an account, assign every IM client you have to it (including my_little_pony01@hotmail.com) and sit back and IM away.


  • Color Flashlight IconColor Flashlight: Things are lurking for you in the dark, watch out for them with this app. This little guy will turn the brightness on your phone all the way up, and display a white screen, pink screen, animated candle stick, or disco like effects. Totally.
  • Metal Detector IconMetal Detector: I’m not sure why I’m listing this other than it’s kind of awesome. It basically uses your phone’s built in compass to detect metal disturbances and determine if it’s around large masses of metal. Too bad it doesn’t work on smaller, more practical, items like rings or coins. But if you ever need to find your car in a one-foot deep pile of snow then you’re in for a treat.
  • Pandora Radio IconPandora Radio: Music! Streaming! Free! Need I say more? Plug your phone into the Aux port of your car with a Male to Male adapter off Amazon for like $2 and go for a road trip listening to Pandora.com. Just please don’t be the guy who’s sitting next to me without ear buds on the public transit listening to Baby’s Got Back… okay?
  • GTunes IconGTunes Music: If Pandora isn’t good enough for you and you want to specify what songs you listen to, and maybe with the goodness (or evilness) of your heart just steal MP3s instantly from the internet and download them, then use this. This thing even has a Top X list, which will let you click on them and simply download every single one. Probably once you get this you’ll want a good MP3 ID3 tag editor, since no one labels MP3s correctly. Disclaimer: don’t steal music, and I’m not suggesting you do (but it is kind of awesome, and free).
  • Torrent-fu IconTorrent-fu: If you have a multimedia center at home, or a computer somewhere else, you can use this nifty little program to connect to either the web-client of uTorrent or Transmission, search for something, and have it instantly start downloading while you’re on the John, or in Italy. Disclaimer: again, please don’t steal things.

Would you like a quick way to pull this page up on your Android Phone? Well, either navigate your web browser to this short link or use the Barcode Scanner I mentioned earlier to take a photo of this QR Code:

QR Code


Old Spice Voicemail Soundboard

Over the past couple days the brilliant minds of Old Spice marketing have released Youtube videos documenting fan feedback about their spoke-person’s opinions (or “facts” as he would probably call them). In one of the episodes a person by the username pandarr on Reddit requested a video for his voicemail system in which fans quickly asked for a soundboard to. Later @knitmeapony on Twitter requested one for the ladies. And here you have it, my soundboard of those Youtube videos.

Click here for the Old Spice Voicemail Soundboard

Video Transcript

On Reddit, Pandarr: “We need the audio to build our own voice mail messages.” Anything I can do to help Pandarr. Hello, you have dialed. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0. The tall accomplished man you have dialed cannot come to the phone right now because they’re. Ripping out mass loads of weights. Polishing their model smile. Cracking walnuts with their man mind. Building an orphanage with their bare hands while playing sweet sweet lullaby for those children with two mallets against their abs-xylophone. But leave a message and they’ll return your call as soon as possible. I’m on a horse. I’m on a boat. Swan dive. This voicemail is now diamonds. Do da do do do do do do. You’re welcome Pandarr.

Knitmeapony tweets, “Us ladies would like to have your melodious tones as our voice mail message too.” Well Knitmeapony, here goes. Hello goddess. The lovely/talented/intelligent and beautiful/sophisticated lady at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 is unable to take your call. She’s busy. Ridding a horse backwards with me. Listening to me read romantic poetry while I make a bouquet of flowers from each read page. Ingesting my Old Spice man smell. Being serenaded on the moon while surviving off the oxygen in my lungs via a passionate kiss. Enjoying a delicious lobster dinner I prepared just for her while carrying her on my back through piranha infested waters. But she’ll get back to you as soon as she can. Thanks for calling.

Daniel Slaughter