Christmas Presents

My girlfriend’s, Martha’s, parents bought me a racing jersey along with gift cards to various places (Meijer’s Gas Station, Rivertown Crossings, Movie Theatres). This racing jersey is pretty nice. I was not expecting them to spend that much on me. I had assumed they bought me clothing because it was wrapped in one of those boxes you would get with clothing in it. Here are a couple pictures, taken with my LG VX8600, that show me in my gear:

Dirtbike Gear 1Dirtbike Gear 2

Ain’t I fancy?

Martha’s Sister got us a gift certificate to Applebees, and her mom bought her a gift certificate to the Comedy Den. I suppose dinner and entertainment is on them this year! =)

I bought Martha a Rubiks cube because she had mentioned she wanted one a while back. It was one of those random presents you get someone because you don’t expect them to guess it. Anyways, at Martha’s Christmas party they were having the pass around game where you each select or steal a present from someone else. The present I managed to get contained another Rubiks cube!!! Which is sweet, because I stole Martha’s and wouldn’t give it back.

From my parents I got assorted clothes and a Ronco Dehydrator. This dehydrator will come in handy for making delicious dehydrated fruits and assorted jerky products. I have yet to use it, but I will let you know when I do.

I think that’s pretty much it for now. I have two more Christmas parties to go to this week, so I’m sure I’ll have more to report when those are done.

-Daniel Slaughter

Verve Pipe

I went to The Verve Pipe concert at the Intersection Saturday night. It was pretty sweet. Here are some pictures of the concert I took with my LG VX8600:

Verve Pipe 3Verve Pipe 4Verve Pipe 5

Verve Pipe 1Verve Pipe 2

I have a movie that’s in my cell-phone’s .3g2 format. I’ll find a converter and then post it for you to see in the future. It is 45 seconds of The Verve Pipe’s “Colors.”

Until Next Time,
Daniel Slaughter

Wireless Network

WRT54GLI purchased a Linksys-Cisco WRT54GL from This router is pretty good, it has excellent options and good output distance. I needed to go from the house to the shop (~100 feet). The signal does a good job going through two foundation walls and through the outdoors.

TRENDnet 54Mbps 802.11G AdapterThis gives a Low-Good signal on my laptop, however, it does not work well with the network cards I purchased. In the shop it was getting No Signal to Very-Low. To the computers in my room, I get a Low-Good, ~75% Signal Strength, ~%90 Link Quality (so there is no problem there). There must be some interference or something near/in the shop.

802.11G 54MBPS USB 2.0 AdapterI was at the mall today and went into radio shack just to check out if they had any cheap name brand (Linksys) cards that might get a better signal. They had a USB connector with a -$40 instant rebate for $20! So I purchased it, installed it, and the shop is now getting Low-Good signal.

Now all I need is to call Charter, w00t,
Daniel Slaughter