I’m typing on my Nintendo Wii about my Xbox

Tonight I decided to lift some weights; but where were they? I started looking through my closets until I came across a closet that I never use. In it was my red K-Swiss bag that contains my Xbox! Too bad I recently bought one on ebay.

Daniel Slaughter

For those of you that you don’t know, I haven’t seen it in about a year.

It’s like a cheese grater for your skin.

So there I was Saturday, on Little Manistee Trails, going about 50mph over some whoops on a quad when I hit one that was deeper than the rest and it bucked me into the air. My feet nor my body landed on the foot rests. In just a few seconds time, the quad landed on me.When I was thrown into the air I knew I wasn’t going to land it. My hands were still on the handle bars but my feet didn’t land correctly. My body was pulled under the quad and I let go knowing I’d be in more pain if I held on. I let my body go limp knowing if I landed stiff I’d probably break bones. I heard a crack, a couple snaps, and clothing rip.

The whoop that bucked me was 30 feet from where the quad and I had landed. I laid there confused and shocked. Worried that I broke every bone in my body I slowly began to move my limbs. I stood up with little effort, there was dust everywhere. I felt a burning sensation on my back but I knew it wasn’t broken. I made sure I could wiggle all my fingers and toes. I looked over at the quad to see that the handle bars were greatly bent. The crunching noises I heard must have been the quad as it flipped and rolled over me.

Martha was a ways behind me, and as she approached she slowed down. I said I had crashed and she didn’t believe me, at least not until I turned around. The entire back of my jersey was shredded. My pants (buttox region) had multiple tears from my crotch to my lower back. My shirt had a hole over my upper right shoulder blade that looked like a gunshot wound.

At about that time I started feeling burning all over my body. I knew I must have been cut, the question was how deeply. My right arm was burning so I pulled up my blood stained sleeve. The front of my elbow was ripped to shreds, and although I couldn’t see it, so was my back.

The cuts across my arm are less than half a foot, the ones on my back are a couple feet, and I have a swollen right knee. My butt, somehow, has no injuries. But nothing is broken. Martha took pictures at the scene of the accident, but I haven’t been able to get them from her camera yet. The only pictures I have are from after the cuts were cleaned and medicated (taken with my camera).
Back 1

Arm 2

Sorry for the gory pictures (there are more on Flickr),
Daniel Slaughter

Card Reader, -$1600 Debt, and a Victoria Secret catalog

Today was hectic at work. It seemed that everything was breaking all at once. I had very little time to work on the websites that were new because all of the other sites, such as the content management system (CMS), were in utter chaos.

After my hectic day I returned home to discover a whole slew of junk mail. Amongst the Victoria Secret catalogs and credit card applications I cam across a package from Amazon.com that I quickly opened. It was the 6-in-1 card reader for my car. I quickly found an SD card, formatted it, threw on some songs, and stuck it into my GPS system; Wala! I can now play music off of multiple media formats for all my geeky-pleasures. *w00t*

Along with the Victoria Secret catalog and my 6-in-1 card reader I found a letter from the hospital. I recently submitted my financial situation to see if I could get a cut on my hospital bill of $1600. I opened it up to find a simple piece of paper saying that it was payed in full and that I owed $0 (Actually they wrote the empty-set, but I’m not sure how to express that with my keyboard). That made my day!

FYI: I ordered a shirt for Martha that came with a lotion set and lip-gloss a while back for a total of $13 shipping included. The entire package would have came to ~$90 normally. Don’t think that I’m getting Victoria Secret magazines because I’m a pervert… Never mind, it’d be easier if you just thought that.

-Daniel Slaughter

My brand new car has a flat tire!

My BRAND NEW three-day old 2007 Honda Civic EX has a flat tire! Everyone is closed so I have no idea if its covered or not. I got home from getting my reimbursement check for when the Dodge Spirit was towed, and the Civic was leaking air.

It appears that a POS plastic shard has altered the normal operation of limited air flow. I, in the warmth of this Michigan weather, discovered how to use my jack and replaced the tire with the spare donut tire. What confuses me is why is the spare a Goodyear and the main tires are Bridgestone?

I’m trying to get my paper done that’s due in less than 22 hours, but I’m too ticked off at Bridgestone for not making fully metal tires and plastic for being too damn sharp.

Daniel Slaughter