Burget Buckets

Burger Buckets LogoAt the beginning of the school year I had to create a VXML script that allowed people to communicate over a phone with a “pretend” operator. [Prototype1]

This time around we had to make it into a webpage (we could have used other languages, but html was my option of choice). He showed us an example of what he wanted, so I pretty much made that (it’s ugly). Mine is written in HTML and JavaScript. I used PHP to display the content posted to the confirmation page, I’m sure I could do that with JavaScript if I looked hard enough, but I’d rather it just work. [Prototype2]

Plastic Shards

Sniffing ArmpitsYou know that feeling you get when you get to the end of a deodorant stick, and the plastic pieces slice small scrapes into your armpits?

Well, I just experienced that with chap-stick.

And this picture really has nothing to do with it, other than I think it’s funny.

Dreamhost: resolved

The response I got (which I assumed):

“Hello Daniel, The reason it charged you as soon as you made the change is because when you change the billing cycle or selected plan, the changes reset the cycle and the effects are immediate. I’ll go ahead and wipe out the $70.01 that is owed on the account, as this was simply an honest mistake. If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know! Thanks! Christian”

The good news is that I do not have to pay $70.01, thank you Dreahost. w00t!
Daniel Slaughter


I logged into Dreahost today to register thewlbl.com through them for hosting (my current host is about to expire). So, while I was in there I started playing in the account settings page. I went to the page that shows me how much my billing cycles are because I was curious what it would cost me next year. I changed the term from 1 year to 2 years because they said I would get 20% off. After changing it, it billed me $140, so I changed it back. It now says I owe them $70 (even though I’m paid in full). I’ve sent them an email and I am waiting for their response.

Wish me good luck,
Daniel Slaughter