SXSW 2015: You Can’t Sit with Us: Craft Beer Subculture

Caroline Wallace
Writer/Co-Founder, Bitch Beer
Bitch Beer

Christopher Sheppard
Craft Taste

Josh Hare
Hops & Grain Brewing

Matt McGinnis
Marketing Consulting Executive
What Are You Drinking?

Presentation Description

The spirit of craft beer was founded with the ideals of fraternity, community, and inclusion. The small craft beer movement has flourished into an industry that has infiltrated America, state by state, with a rising subculture brought together by online communities. Like many subcultures, it has developed elitist factions, and condescension and snobbery have pervaded web forums, social media, and the craft community at large. Through the veil of internet anonymity, an uprising of negativity has overtaken the culture, causing a shift in the attitudes and perception of craft beer. What was once a welcoming community is now often perceived as snobbish and closed to newcomers.

A panel of experts in the craft beer industry from writers to brewers discuss the evolving attitudes and the effects of elitism amongst craft beer lovers. Are the very people who enjoy craft beer the most destroying the culture?

Presentation Notes

8 volunteers shotgunned beers.

There were only 44 breweries in the US in 1980. 21 years ago there were 500ish. Today there are more than 3000. In Austin there are 18 licensed, and 4-5 opening in the next month.

Craft Brew sales grows 18%+ every year, whereas overall beer sales only increase 2%.

Who is drinking Craft Beer?

Originally it was people who wanted to try it, and check it off on social media, but it’s been growing.

What about women?

Women ages 21-34 are 15% of the craft beer drinkers. Craft Beer has gender neutral advertising, unlike big beer with women in bikinis and only showing women as servers in their ads.

Beer vs Food

In Texas, beer is regulated as food. Food can be overdone just like beer can, but if fussing over it involves just 3-4 pints vs 12 beers then that’s fine. Those 3-4 beers are fussed over and talked about way longer than the big brewers’.

Beer used to be the catalyst of conversation and now it is the topic of conversation.

By the end of this year, there’s going to be a new brewery opening once every 12 hours.

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