SXSW 2015: Hold The Queso: Marketing to Latinas

Robyn Moreno
Founder at
RMK Media Group

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Latinas are the holy grail of marketers. With 86 percent saying they are the primary decision makers in their households, Latinas are pivotal to the Hispanic market’s $1.2 trillion in annual buying power.

But before you go into “fiesta” mode, throwing around sombreros, confetti, and some random Spanglish, consider this:

  • Latinas are way more diverse than you think
  • Latinas are way are more sophisticated than you think
  • 62% of Latinas wish for more lifestyle information written for “Latinas like me.”

As a Latina lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated host, and co-author of Border-line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting I’ll help define who YOUR Latina customer is and what she NEEDS, so you can begin talking TO her instead of talking AT her. I’ll share my expertise from launching my own website, offering lifestyle tips on the Today Show, and working in Latin media to help you create campaigns that are effective, not offensive.

Presentation Notes

She moved to NewYork to work for Latina magazine. She realized she was complying and going along with her own stereotypes.

Her book:

Finally a Cold Latina billboard

Summer’s Eve had a campaign they called “Hail to the V” which targeted groups of people using stereotypes. This is the wrong (Asian Woman) version, but it’s a similar talking vagina commercial. This campaign was very stereotypical and offensive:

Content over Cliche

Some magazine (I missed it) published an article that didn’t stereotype, but talked about makeup for hyperpigment skin. It did very well.

In the same magazine, they had an article about “Which Telenovela Star Are You?” (soap opera stars). That did not do very well.

Use real people, influencers (youtube), and not celebrities. (RE: AT&T’s #betweentwoworlds campaign)

Connect & Serve

Latinas have more smartphones than non-latinas.

They visit more websites daily than non-latinas.

Latinas are very brand loyal, and you should use social media to just be real with them.


Devious Maids: people find “Maids” to be the same as “Latinas”

Successful People:

Karla Gallardo

Amelia Moran Ceja and Dalia Ceja
Ceja Vineyards

Almost 100% of the people who pick grapes in vineyards are mexican-american. Only about 1% own the vineyards. Ceja Vineyards helps their workers go to school.

Sonia Sotomayor
First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice

Create new stereotypes, tell new stories, and you’ll definitely find your market.

It’s ok to make mistakes, and you won’t get everyone, but if you give it an honest try you’re going to get the ones who matter.

How do you have the discussion when people are being stereotyped in marketing?

If you want to target Latinas, the best thing you can do is hire one.

8 billion dollars paid in marketing last year to Latinas. Most of it was in Spanish.

50% speak english/spanish (“spanglish”), 70% can speak english. Don’t forcefully use “spanglish”, but feel free to use it in a playful non-forced manner.

Trust your gut, put the statistics away. Take a step back and look at it and evaluate if it makes sense.

When marketers don’t give it a lot of thought, you can tell.

A lot of stereotypes start in the white community, so how do we fix that? She feels the Latina community also does it to themselves. If people are looking at you, and they ask you how a Latina exercises, don’t jokingly say Zumba or Salsa dancing.

What term should we use? Latino, Latino and Hispanic, or Latina? Latina is lighter, modern, and more fun. Latino implies Spain. Hispanic isn’t terrible, but it’s the consensus term.

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