SXSW 2013: Sex & the Startup: Marketing to Women

Carley Knobloch

Presentation Description

Move over tech portals — if you want rapid adoption for your startup, it’s all about lifestyle magazines and daytime talk shows. In case you haven’t heard, women make or influence over 85% of the household purchases, and they’re ravenous for technology that fixes their lifestyle problems. Will your startup deliver? Let’s discuss marketing tactics that work, and ones that will get you shunned by the fairer sex. I’ll share all I’ve learned developing my web show, helping tech startups and clients like Intel and Cisco reach women audiences, and serving up tech tips on the Today Show. Plus, I’ll poll my audience and peers in blogging and mainstream media to bring you real-life answers to common questions. Warning: Appealing to women just might help you build a smarter product.

 Presentation Notes

First, find out who you’re talking to. Create a customer avatar  such as a user-story (name, age range, things they may be interested in which influences your product).

Women are not looking for cool apps, or apps that are tech-loaded. They’re interested in simple apps that simplify their lives.

“Everything in your life, organized in ONE place” – Manilla

Designing great products for women = designing great products for people.

When you target women, you target everyone, as you’re implying simplicity.

Your product may be killer, but they’re not going to woe women unless they have a great marketing image right off the bat. One of the best ways to do this is to show a quick video. It’s one thing to say a camera is “waterproof” and it’s a different thing to say “your kids can throw it in the pool.”

If you’re designing a product that you want a female audience to adopt, it is probably a good idea to have a woman involved in the design and implementation phase of the product. In this case, you wont have to try so hard to market it.

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