SXSW: You Suck, Cleantech: How Design Can Help

David Merkoski
Partner & Chief Designer

Presentation Description

Cleantech is dead. Investors have dropped out and entrepreneurs are more interested in making apps. What happened? Why didn’t the same spirit and capital that created the internet grow renewable energy and other “clean technologies” to scale? With 93% of the world’s fuel supply still coming from burning stuff we dig out of the ground – it’s a question that matters. So what do we do now?

David Merkoski, the former Executive Creative Director of frog design and current Chief Designer at Greenstart, has a plan to “bring sexy back” to cleantech by ultimately using design (service, product, brand and business) to fight climate change and blow apart our energy constraints. Join him for a look back at the mistakes made in the cleantech design track record, and leave with a vision of how we can design a cleaner world. Long live clean tech.

Presentation Notes

The problem with Cleantech is nothing has drastically happened as hoped within the last 10 years. The reason why it has been doing so poorly is because it failed to capture the imagination.

The Cleanweb: a term invoked last year at SXSW 2012. It’s the idea that software can potentially clean up the world. Cleantech is a collection of things, and Cleanweb is a connection of things. It is super critical as it is the hardware and software of the internet. The argument is that those services that gave us Facebook, etc. etc. has the potential to do this.

Cleantech is there, but until people are aware of its uses and actually start pro-actively pursuing saving the world, nothing is going to happen. That’s where Cleanweb comes in, as it’s our way as designers and developers to makeĀ innovativeĀ ideas to assist people with making the jump. We’ve been saying that simply turning off a light switch will save the world, but in all seriousness it wont. However, creating automation to turn off all lights in your entire house may. Think Cleanweb.

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