Why I hate Rob Bliss Experiments

On December 3rd, 2009 Rob Bliss was hired by Wood TV 8 with the title “Social Media Event Planner.” Pertaining past Social Media experiences with Mr. Bliss I contacted the Manager of WOOD TV 8 with the following response:

Rob Bliss Experiments

Rob Bliss Experiments

It has come to my attention you’ve recently hired Rob Bliss for his Social Media Expert skills. Although Mr. Bliss appears to have a very excellent Social Media presence, there are some things you do not see. Why do you not see these? Because Mr. Bliss deletes comments that are par or unsatisfactory from his event pages, fan pages, and personal wall.

On September 29th following the 100,000 Paper Airplanes art prize venue, which I attended, Rob Bliss invited me to be a fan on Facebook to vote for his event. On this events page I simply said, “Although the concepts of your event were good, it was not your best Rob Bliss Experiment.” I used no vulgar words, no discrimination, and even applauded Mr. Bliss for his excellent past events. However, minutes later the post disappeared. Thus, I re-posted the comment. Again the post disappeared and then I posted it once more appending, “Please stop deleting this comment” to the end.

Minutes later I received a very unprofessional and unpleasant private Facebook message which to this day has made a distaste for myself against Mr. Bliss. The conversation is as follows:

Rob Bliss on September 29 at 10:41am:
I apologize but negative comments are deleted because then it pisses off people who support me, etc. and turns into a flamewar and I have no interest in having that on my facebook stuff, any issues you have with the events can be directed towards me personally though

Daniel Slaughter on September 29 at 12:13pm:
I simply stated that I didn’t feel it was your best event. I do appreciate what you’re doing for the city, but at what point do opinions not matter? Any piece of art will have criticism, the least you could do is accept this and take it with an open mind. And furthermore, I would appreciate it if you took a more professional approach to your “business.” Using words such as “pisses” is not very couth.

In a professional Social Media setting I cannot see any successful company taking forth an individual to conduct this line of professionalism. Mr Bliss’ inept ability to handle negative criticism is quite questionable. I personally feel anything WOOD TV 8 puts on their Social Media pages to henceforth be bias and lacking an even blend of criticism. And, is that not what the news is all about?

Please do what you will with this information, however as it currently stands WOOD TV 8 has made a horrible mistake in hiring this individual. I have always appreciated the content and material you have put forth in the news, but as long as Mr. Bliss is employed by your station I will not be watching it anymore.

Will WOOD TV 8 take my experiences into consideration? Have they ever produced anything worthy of news? Probably not.

Daniel Slaughter

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  1. his next event is up and he is asking for corporate sponsorship from 1 to 5 k. i posted on his page that i have 2 corporate sponsors interested in sponsoring an event. Stated they each wanted to know more about it because all of his events are promised to be the biggest _______ ever!

    post deleted in 2 min. re posted today informing him of my recommendation my sponsors withdraw their offer. They both did. 🙂

  2. I agree with you completely. This guy is not original, and I wish people would see that. His ideas are rip offs, he is not a guru (gag) and he is chummy with the elitist social media group in town (who get his name out everywhere). He needs to go away.

  3. He did something very similar to me. (Though I actually all around dislike the guy and his so called “urban expiraments”) After they annouced the winner for artprize (rob wasnt even top 10) He posted a bitchy little status on facebook saying something along the lines of “Ohh Cool, a PAINTING won artprize!” I merely commented it saying, “Did you really think a bunch of paper airplanes would win?” and he deleted me within 2 minutes. He cant handle critisism. I never liked the guy….Sorry for the rant but I just googled “I Hate Rob Bliss” and saw this and yeah.


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