SXSW 2009: Therapy 2.0: Mental Health for Geeks

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 3:30 PM
Keely Kolmes,
Thomas Roche,

Session Description

What can you do to stay mentally healthy in a Web 2.0 world? Come share your strategies for staying sane in the world that never really turns off. Learn self-care tips for managing work and stress. Discover how to manage social networking while keeping your boundaries intact.


Information Anxiety was brought up and discussed for a while. On this topic people were mentioning the non-privacy of social media. Since this non-private social (ironic, I know) media is public your health insurance company could use twitter to find out if you’re doing healthy things and raise your premiums. Personally I would suggest not posting it if you’re going to be that person.

It seems that most people are going back to the lack of privacy on twitter. As people post things it creates a level of online social-drama. People need to evolve and realize they can be online an choose not to post innapropriate things if they do not want people to find them.

From person to person your views on what is mentally healthy varies. Studies have shown that exercise is the best way to improve your mental health. If you believe you have, or you’re being bothered by, mental health issues then you probably do. It is poor mental health if you’re always worrying about this.

People recommend getting something in life where they can have a mental break through a new hobby that is completely opposite from what you do for your job. Someone mentioned they took up Tai-chi for exercise and an escape from what they typically do in a day-to-day basis. I know a lot of times I personally will go home and never turn my laptop on all night. Some people I work with feel that I am crazy for doing that. To be honest, sometimes when I’m away from work I want to be away from work. It sounds like many people are referring to the same theory and are staying away from technology outside of work to help with mental health.

People feel music, such as ambient, is also a good stress release. Someone mentioned listening to ambient music while they sleep. Someone else mentioned a sleeping sound tool called Awake2000.


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  1. I perfectly relate to this. My work is largely online and sometimes it becomes a habit to switch on the pc wherever you go and check if someone is there. The need to be online sometimes eats into life. I have taken up another old hobby which involves my hands and all my concentration. I come back home and dont buy dinner on the way anymore. I am rediscovering my culinary skills. I come home and cook dinner. Even if it is only dinner for one. I sometimes make these 3 course meals and try to stay in shape by going for a long walk post dinner.

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