SXSW 2009: Back Off Man, I’m a Scientist: User Generated Discovery

Monday, March 16th, 2009 5:00 PM
Dariene Cavalier, Founder of Science Cheerleader
Matthew Shindell, PhD Candidate for University of California San Diego
Kevin Schawinski, Postdoctoral Associate for Yale University
Jon Wiley, Senior User Experience Designer for Google

Broad access to vast amounts of raw data, along with ever more powerful tools, have given everyday people the ability to make significant contributions to scientific inquiry and enrich our understanding of the Universe. See how passionate amateurs are addressing the fundamental questions of our world.

Citizen Science or Grassroots Science is the scientific theories of user generated discovery. Science across different time periods means very different things. Science at any given time is also not unified.Emergence of ne wdiciplines often means fighting between existing diciplines, including arguments about whose science is “real” and whose is “amateurish.” Scientists do not share a universal meaning to the word “Science” nor do they share a unified purpose.

I left 19 minutes into the session… I didn’t care for it.

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  1. Hey, you should have stuck around! It got much lighter towards the end…um, my presentation was def not heavy. How can it be with Penn and Teller and a bunch of 76ers cheerleaders?


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