SXSW 2009: Game Design Competition

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 5:00 PM

Game #1

Education game for Higher Education (College/University) targeted audience; specifically freshmen. Since this will be used at/with college students this game cannot have sex, drugs, or alcohol. For this reason the game’s model will be for consperiecy. The game’s genre is will be of type RPG.

Game Description:
Players view the game in a 3rd person perspective like Fable. Each chapter is viewed as a new level. This will allow for future incorporation of game add ons. Players will move around the environment and access virtual computers and media to solve the puzzles required in completing the conspiracy. This game seems like it would be similar to an older-age-targeted Carmen Sandiego.

Game #2: ManorMeta

A Choose your own adventure where players can create their own currency, language, etc. This has a coined term called “Trans Media Story Telling.” Avitars will be used to hide your identity, and allow you to have fantency. They would like this to be in a full 3d environment. Community Colaboration will be included. A beginer level will have math and such. And then as you get further into the game it will become real challenges with large problem solving techniques.

Game #3

Zeus is stored on life when life begins to die. The theory is that Zeus needs to re-habitat life in millions of years to reproduce life. Players will gather resources, plant life forms, start an ecosystem, and animals will be created. Once all of that is up and running then humans are slowly re-entered into life and man kind will start copying Zeus. So if man kind if using cheaper reusable/natural resources so will your humans because they learn from him. If Zeus would to restore a river in one area, then natural water will flow throughout. If you polute that same river, then the environmental surroundings will be altered and adjusted. As you explore the environment you will over time find out why Zeus was created and what his purpose is. The avitar of Zeus will resembel what path he is taking. If he is more industrial then he will drip with oil and smoke of polution. If he is more long-term oriented then he will be green and healthy. If you evolve Zeus to be more weapon oriented instead of durable then so will the humans around him. This game sounds very similar to Black and White.

Game #4: Ring Master

Combination of RPG and skill action game in a Circus genre. This taps into the fantasy of running away to join the Circus. Players create characters that represent themselves within the game. They can be one of the animals or the actual Carnies. Players see their physical actions mirrored on the screen and learn skills as they travel through the game. Players will feel as though they are actually perofming live at the Circus with the crown chanting. Players would not need any prior knowlede or skills to play the game. The Circus is a MMORG where they perform in front of all other players. The overall look is theatrical, dark, and over dramatic.

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