SXSW 2009: Building a Bridge with Barcodes – The QR Code Invasion

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Saturday, March 14th, 2009 5:00 PM
Margaretta Quinuis
Anthony Dey, QR Codes of Australia
Even Jones, Stitch Media
Dustin Haisler, CIO of the City of Baker
Daniel Switkin, Developer at Google

iCandy is a desktop scanning tool for QR Codes. You can generate QR codes on some websites, such as this one. Google has an open source API for reading QR codes. BeeTagg is a reader application for your cell phone (many models accepted).

Using Australian handsets they become hard to read over 25 characters of text in a QR code because they become so complex.  Even under 25 characters the codes shouldn’t be smaller than 2.2cm in width/height otherwise the handsets will have issues with it.

In Australia they sent out 6000 invitations of a party to magazine subscriptions. On this invitation was information on how to obtain a QR code reader on their cell phone, and a QR code with more details about the event. There was also wording that said, “This is a QR Code. It is very popular in Japan and you should get a reader.” 400 people scanned that QR code.

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