SXSW 2009: Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

Friday, March 13, 2009 3:30pm
Paul Annett, Design lead at Clearleft Ltd

This ‘n’ That magic trick. When people see something in this trick that they feel they’ve found the solution people want to talk about it. They want to tell their friends and the world that they’ve discovered something. There is a particular frame in this magic trick that shows two cards in the right hand that everyone makes a big deal over.

Silverback. They created a template with a 3d gorilla and vines that inspired people’s attention and caused them to post this on social media, such as twitter. No one really knew what the website was about, they just wanted to see the pretty little template.

Clever Logos. The arrow in the FexEx. Between the “E” and “x” there is an arrow. Aerosmith logo that says the same thing no matter what way you rotate it. The Mill logo which is just blue bars. Finding hidden things in people’s logos or graphic design is amusing and entertaining. It provokes Paul into trying to find things that will amust him in different companies’ logos. Try typing “about:mozilla” into the address bar into Firefox.

A demonstration was conducted to show what the silverback website looks like with vines held by viewers in the audience. It was demonstrated how as you resize the website/browser the vines on the screen will move differently. Twequency does this too. Kyanmedia has a little worm at the bottom, and if you click on it it’ll show a little lab in the ground.

Skittles website lets you navigate through other people’s website while still using their navigation. This idea was actually stolen from another company. I didn’t catch their name, but the logo was an “M.”

My Bloody Valentine trailer overtakes  your browser and makes things pop out of the normal viewing screen. It just gives it more of a 3d feel than if you were to show it within the window’s screen.

Kano Model of customer satisfaction (displyed as a graph):
X-axis: quality of execution: Poor execution to Very good execution
Y-axis: delighted customers to unhappy customers
Types of Needs:

  • Performance Needs
  • Basic Needs: if you don’t have toiletpaper in your hotel restroom you’ll be upset. But if you have lots of rolls of toiletpaper you won’t be delighted, but you
  • Excitement Needs: Free Wifi, discovering an easter egg on a website…. what is required for creative designers to implement.
  • Time: Things that were exciting yesterday will not be today. We need to continue to strive, to intervate, and to make websites easy and delightful to use.

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