Bahama Cruise through NCL: Nassau and Grand Bahama Island

Last week I went on a cruise from January 12 through January 16th. The cruise line was Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Last year I went on a Carnival in the  Caribbean and I much more enjoyed that company for multiple reasons:

  • Carnival had cheaper drinks ($6 compared to $9)
  • On Carnival you always had the same waiter/waitress and it became a personal experience that was more and more fun every night
  • NCL charged for the more fancy restaurants ($10/$15/$25), although the “Main Dinning Halls” were always free
  • Carnival always had new things every day on the agenda; NCL seemed to be very repetitious and I felt as though I did the same thing every night
  • When we were on the islands nothing was happening on the NCL cruise ship; with Carnival they always had things going on

Now, I cannot say everything was bad about NCL. Here are some things I did enjoy:

  • 2 for 1 Martini Drink specials from 6-8pm.
  • Very nice employees, but so did Carnival
  • A little pink couch in my room; I didn’t have that with Carnival’s inexpensive room… but I suppose that could depend on the ship?
  • When the weather was horrible on the 3rd day (40 degrees) and they couldn’t dock at Great Stirrup Cay they moved us to a place in the ocean that was mid-80s and beautiful

Here are some pictures I took while on the cruise:

Atlantis' Pond

Atlantis' Dolphin Cove

Jelly Fish

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