Drunk Bums Vote for Change

VoteI voted today. While I was waiting in line for my 45 minute ordeal a drunk Bum and his significant other came storming into the room. They did not wait, or acknowledge the fact there was a line but went straight to the front and said, “I want to Vote for Change, I want to Vote for Obama!” Of course someone tells him he needs to go to the back of the line, which is where he came in. So he does. While this is going on his significant other starts asking people for food. Of course someone in the crowd of 40+ people hands her a couple granola bars, and she then proceeds to go to the back of the line too.

They give the man the little name card, he fills it out, and then hands it back to them. They then proceed to ask him for his valid photo ID. He pulls out a stack of condoms, flops them on the table, and then hands them his fishing license. Since, at least where I live, a fishing license isn’t a valid type of photo ID they tell him this will not work. He then assures them he got it two days ago, and that it will work just fine. Of course by now they’re kind of sick of his antics and ask him to fill out the affidavit on the back of the voter registration card. So he does, and hands it to the woman. She then tells him he cannot vote here, as he’s in the wrong precinct. Now, I’m pretty sure this smelly intoxicated bum doesn’t have a car (or a valid drivers license), so who knows if he ever voted. Oh well, at least that goes to show you that if a drunk Bum can remember to vote, so should you! Vote!

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