Adult ADD Quiz Results

Mild ADHD Possible

I scored a whopping 37, what are you?

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  1. I scored 84. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and later grew out of the hyperactivity. However, i did not grow out of the attention deficiete. I ignored my symptoms ever since and it seems to have gotten worse. I finally went to a Psych for evaluation and this place is assisted through the department of Children & Families, a program funded by Florida Tax dollars. I realized i have been self medicating myself with opiate based medications for teh past 4 1/2 years. I was taking my pain medications when I didn’t have pain. I suffer from back issues such as compressed disks, sublixation of lumbar, and lastly degenerative athritis. These conditions dont always cause em enough pain to take my pain medication but I do anyway. So, I would run out of my pain medication a week early or two weeks early because I took my pain medication when I would loose focus or modivation instead of for the pain. I made a terrible decision when I could not afford to see the doctor and I am facing a felony charge. Id rather not get into this because I am ashamed of myself. If I hadn’t gotten in trouble I probably would have continued trying to self medicate myself. Back to the Psych Eval. I go in and doctor asks me questions. He asked me if I had broken any laws or went to jail and I told him yes but didn’t tell him why. I did not want to be judged by this person nor did I want him to know because it would interfere with how he medicates my condition. He apparently knew about my charge somehow and said nothing about it. He puts me on a non stimulant drug. I try the drug for 3 weeks with no improvement. In fact I was feeling hopeless and very blue…down in the dumps. I look up this medication and it turns out that people have attempted suicide on this medication. YIKES! I go to his office and tell him i want to try Ritolin or Aderal *spelling??* He said that Aderal is really expensive and he doesn’t feel I need a stimulant. I’m like OK?? I’m 25 years old I have a general idea of what MAY work. I questioned his diagnosis and treatment and he sent me to speak with the office manager. This is when I found out they knew about my charge. She assumed I tried to obtain Aderal when I got in trouble but I didn’t. I gave out a big sigh and told her EVERYTHING. She didn’t believe a word I was saying. she said that the particular drug i was talking about makes you mellow and sleepy not focused and motivated. GRRRRRR. Iam very frustrated with this. I know why they are reluctant to treat me with stimulant based medications but all things aside it is what I need, NOT WANT. I have NO LIFE. I can’t keep jobs, it takes a lot of effort and guidance for me to seek employment. I have two kids I need to fend for and there is this HUGE road block preventing me from getting better and Get my life in order. I am too scared to let my family doctor in on all this because I fear I will be disbanned from his offfice. ANy Advise? Anyone?

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