Low Sodium Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritoes I came home late one night with limited ingredients in my fridge that I wanted to use up. So, I grabbed a few ingredients, some tortilla shells, spices, and wa-la! Deliciousness was made. If you want a low-sodium version of this, just look for salt-free tortillas at the store. Meijer’s sells them in the non-refrigerated section of their ethnic foods. I’ve also found some tortillas at Family Fare made by Aztec that are salt free. They’re typically the smallest tortilla shells you can find. I have yet to find large burrito shells that are salt free.

2-3 Eggs
1 Green Pepper
1 Tomato
1/4 Red Onion
Small Tortilla Shells
Crushed/Dried red peppers
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Salsa (optional)
Grated Cheese (optional)

Finely dice up the peppers, onions and tomatoes as best you can. Cook the green peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a skillet on medium heat until the water from the tomatoes are almost evaporated. While cooking apply a light helping of red pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Scramble up the eggs and poor them on top of the vegetables. Mix around until the eggs are fully cooked (they should look like scrambled eggs with stuff in them). In another skillet on low heat gently warm the tortilla shells for 30 seconds on each side. Once eggs are fully cooked put egg mixture in the warmed tortilla shells, apply cheese if desired, and wrap them up. Sometimes these are good with a little bit of salsa on them.

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  1. Hey I was just out perusing the net and noticed your blog here on eating a low sodium diet. Have you heard of The Rice DIet? Just wondered because I run a community of people who follow the RD and it sounds remarkably like your diet only not as strict. Anyways, just thought you might be interested to know about it and maybe have others who are on a low sodium diet to talk to as well. I’ll leave it up to you 😉

    Here’s the link if your interested:
    The Rice Way

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