Fluffy Low Sodium Pizza Crust

This recipe I got the idea from a couple different recipes I found. My initial pizza crust recipe I used for a very long time could easily be turned into a No-Sodium mixture because there are no eggs. One egg naturally has ~3% of your daily intake of sodium. Milk also has a small amount of sodium in it. The recipe I made before this one was for Bagels and contained no eggs or milk. You could simply replace the milk for water and it should turn out just fine.

4c. of flour
1c. of milk (you may substitute for water)
1 packet of active dry yeast (or 1/4 tsp)
1 Tbs sugar
1/2 c. (or 1 stick) of salt-free butter
3 Large Eggs (you may exclude these for a flat/dense crust)
1 tsp Vegetable oil (or cooking spray, but that’ll make it taste funny)

Warm the milk (or water) in a microwave safe bowl for about 45 seconds or until warm to touch. Poor the yeast into the warm milk bowl and let set for one minute without stirring. Lightly mix the remaining contents of the yeast into the milk.

In another large bowl mix/cut the remaining dry ingredients with a fork (flour, sugar). Once mixed poor the yeast solution into the bowl with your dry ingredients. Using your hands mix well the yeast solution into the flour. At this point there is probably more flour than yeast solution, so it should be pretty dry still.

In a separate bowl beat the eggs with a whisk. Poor the egg solution into the bowl and mix it into the contents of the bowl. If the bowl’s contents get too wet, feel free to add more flour at this time.

In a separate microwavable bowl place the butter. Put in the microwave until liquid. Poor the butter solution into the bowl and mix one last time until all is dissolved and the dough forms a firm ball. If more flour is needed, feel free to add more at this time.

Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to a bowl with enough room for three times the size of your current ball of dough. Place the ball of dough into the oiled bowl and let stand for 1-2 hours or until dough has enlarged almost three times it’s size.

Makes 2 large fluffy pizza crusts.

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