Dan Vs. Ben (Weewar)I started playing weewar towards the end of last week to discover it’s the most addicting game ever made in a multi-player Ajax environment. For those of you who would like to play, please click this link or contact me via email or AIM (TheWLBL). Currently the game is by referral basis only, so creating an account without knowing someone on the “inside” wont work.

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  1. Is this site/game not awesomely addictive? It’s simple, yet complicated. Easy, yet hard. I’m just totally blown away by it. No plugins, no flash, just simple and elegant AJAX. Beautiful.

    I’m already wrapped up into 4 games that I’ve initiated, but I’m always up for joining in on someone else’s game. Send me an invite, especially if you get a multiplayer game going – those are the best!

    Four wins and no losses is a better start to the game than I had…

    Michael Lundberg
    WeeWar addict

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