I was going to die, but now (maybe) i wont

So, for those of you that do not know I stopped my cereal diet. It wasn’t because I couldn’t have done it, it was because I went to the doctors last Monday. Come to find out cereal has a lot of salt in it (at least when you’re eating 8 servings). Now, that typically wouldn’t be a problem if my blood-pressure wasn’t 168/88 (yeah, you can say it, “damn”).

They told me to cut back on my salt, so I have been. I reduced my salt intake to less than 250mg (that’s about 10% of your recommended daily value). That has been probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Today I went to the doctors again for my checkup after being on the medication for a week they put me on. Come to find out it isn’t working as well as they’d like (its now 148/80). So, they put me on a stronger dose with some special drug-amplifier stuff in it.

They told me today that if I wouldn’t have came in last week I would have probably died. His exact words were, “It looks like you came in for something not related, but instead we saved your life.”

Some people (Eric) were concerned about me dropping my salt intake so low. I asked my doctor if it was safe to eliminate salt completely from my diet, it is. The American Heart Association recommends somewhere between 0 and 1000mg per day. The recommended daily value on food nutrition labels goes off of a 2400mg scale, which means I’m peachy-keen. I also asked if I could drink alcohol with my pills, I can. The only problem is drinking too much/often will also cause high-blood pressure problems.

He highly suggested (pretty much demanded) that I exercise. So, I may take him up on that and start doing so. I guess, if it’ll save my life, I’ll do it.

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