It’s like a cheese grater for your skin.

So there I was Saturday, on Little Manistee Trails, going about 50mph over some whoops on a quad when I hit one that was deeper than the rest and it bucked me into the air. My feet nor my body landed on the foot rests. In just a few seconds time, the quad landed on me.When I was thrown into the air I knew I wasn’t going to land it. My hands were still on the handle bars but my feet didn’t land correctly. My body was pulled under the quad and I let go knowing I’d be in more pain if I held on. I let my body go limp knowing if I landed stiff I’d probably break bones. I heard a crack, a couple snaps, and clothing rip.

The whoop that bucked me was 30 feet from where the quad and I had landed. I laid there confused and shocked. Worried that I broke every bone in my body I slowly began to move my limbs. I stood up with little effort, there was dust everywhere. I felt a burning sensation on my back but I knew it wasn’t broken. I made sure I could wiggle all my fingers and toes. I looked over at the quad to see that the handle bars were greatly bent. The crunching noises I heard must have been the quad as it flipped and rolled over me.

Martha was a ways behind me, and as she approached she slowed down. I said I had crashed and she didn’t believe me, at least not until I turned around. The entire back of my jersey was shredded. My pants (buttox region) had multiple tears from my crotch to my lower back. My shirt had a hole over my upper right shoulder blade that looked like a gunshot wound.

At about that time I started feeling burning all over my body. I knew I must have been cut, the question was how deeply. My right arm was burning so I pulled up my blood stained sleeve. The front of my elbow was ripped to shreds, and although I couldn’t see it, so was my back.

The cuts across my arm are less than half a foot, the ones on my back are a couple feet, and I have a swollen right knee. My butt, somehow, has no injuries. But nothing is broken. Martha took pictures at the scene of the accident, but I haven’t been able to get them from her camera yet. The only pictures I have are from after the cuts were cleaned and medicated (taken with my camera).
Back 1

Arm 2

Sorry for the gory pictures (there are more on Flickr),
Daniel Slaughter

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  1. Wow. That looks like it hurts. I am glad nothing is broken and you were not more seriously injured. Cya at work!

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