My brand new car has a flat tire!

My BRAND NEW three-day old 2007 Honda Civic EX has a flat tire! Everyone is closed so I have no idea if its covered or not. I got home from getting my reimbursement check for when the Dodge Spirit was towed, and the Civic was leaking air.

It appears that a POS plastic shard has altered the normal operation of limited air flow. I, in the warmth of this Michigan weather, discovered how to use my jack and replaced the tire with the spare donut tire. What confuses me is why is the spare a Goodyear and the main tires are Bridgestone?

I’m trying to get my paper done that’s due in less than 22 hours, but I’m too ticked off at Bridgestone for not making fully metal tires and plastic for being too damn sharp.

Daniel Slaughter

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