Corelle Hearthstone and Cambridge Silverwear

Today I went to Meijers to discover they have Corelle Hearthstone Dinnerware on sale for 2/$5 (regularly $4-6). The regular price for a box set of four settings was $50. I spent a total of $33 on four settings.

Corelle Hearthstone Silverwear Corelle Hearthstone + Silverwear

The set includes the following:

  • Four large round plates – red, yellow, white, orange
  • Four small plates – red, yellow, white, orange
  • Four bowls – red, yellow, white, orange
  • Two green plates – green

Typically the two green square plates are not included in a set. Four coffee/tea cups are included in the regular set, but I didn’t get them. I figured that since they weren’t on sale I’d wait on those for now. I figured my coffee/tea cups don’t really need to match or I could just get them later. The only thing I have left to get is glasses.

Martha bought me the silverware for my moving in gift. I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted. They’re very nice stainless-steel full-body silverware. The knives could probably cut your skin, they’re pretty sharp.

When picking out the Corelle Hearthstone Dinnerware Martha caused 4 small red-plates to fall on the floor. Unlike the commercial, they all shattered. The people at Meijers cleaned it up for us as we felt embarrassed.

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