I’m famous-er

Flickr: 500 GBFlickr: PizzaI logged into Flickr for my first time today in months to post some pictures I took with my cell phone. I uploaded newly taken photographs of the new 500GB WD5000YS Western Digital Hard Drive I purchased and installed along with some pictures of pizza I baked.

Flickr: Thank YouAfter doing that I looked at the record of what pictures people found most interesting. Come to find out this “Thank You” picture, which has a max-resolution of 384 x 288, was my best one. As of today this image has been viewed 174 times and 2 people call it a favorite. I’m amazed!

Flickr: PawnsThe second most popular photo of mine is titled “Pawns.” This picture has been viewed 40 times and has 1 person who marked it as a favorite. This same person marked another picture of mine as a favorite too, but that one doesn’t have as many views.

Have Fun!,
-Daniel Slaughter

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