Kidney Stones (They Suck)


Kidney StoneSaturday I had my third, and hopefully last (I wish), Kidney Stone. I woke up at 8am, felt a burning pain in my lower back on the right side. No matter what direction I sat, how much I cracked my back, or my use of the bathroom, there was nothing that could stop this constant pain. I knew almost right away that I was the third-time victim of a Kidney Stone by the symptoms the others had granted me. I was hesitant getting medical attention though I did have liquid codeine from my tonsillectomy. Unlike the two other Kidney Stones my body had produces over the last four years, this one followed other bodily symptoms I was concerned about. I wasn’t sure if it was something else, like my pancreas or something deep in my digestive system.

My hesitation to call for help lasted for about ten minutes. My parental units were off to their typical Saturday breakfast at an unknown location when I decided to call Martha who was to be at work at 9:30am. I ended up calling her initially at 8:30am stating that I may need medical attention, but not to worry. I then called her back at 8:45 (or maybe earlier) pleading with her to bring me to the Grand Haven Hospital.

The Far Side: Kidney StoneIt wasn’t long until she was at my house and we were on the road. I was in great pain as she drove me there. I was emitted into the emergency room (ER) right away and because the doctor was busy with another patient it took them another half-hour to get pain killers in me. As they were administering the pain killers and nausea medication I asked for a bucket that I then proceeded to vomit into. A lot of vomit came out. I filled that sucker more than half the way. I was impressed. The nurse said that most patients who have that amount of pain from Kidney Stones throw up; that was my first time ever doing it.

Whatever drug they gave me knocked me out. I slept for 24 hours on and off from 11am Saturday to 11am Sunday. During this time they gave me a cat-scan using a Panasonic dough-nut looking xray machine (from what I remember). They told me to hold still, and the machine randomly asked me to hold my breath as it scanned. I remember falling asleep as I was holding my breath and waking up still holding it. I wonder how long that would have lasted?

Well, I’m all better for now. I’ve decided to cut back on carbonated beverages (one of the top causes for Kidney Stones). My insides feel like I have been beaten and bruised.

Wish me luck!
-Daniel Slaughter

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