GMail POP3 Checker for Greasemonkey and Chrome (Automatically!)

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I realize this script does not exist anywhere on the internet, and since I wrote this a while back and have been happily using it for quite some time I’ve decided to make it public. It’s quite a simple script. First, it’ll put a “POP3″ link at the very top right corner of your Gmail page. Second, based on what time interval (in minutes) you select (defaults is 8) it’ll automatically run it for you that often. No more of this waiting for Gmail to check it every 60 minutes stuff! If you do not want it to automatically check just set the time interval to None; this way you’ll at least have the link to manually click at any time.


Did this script change your life? (I like to think so)


Click here to download this fancy script!
Downloading and/or installing this script signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Service.

If you’re feeling generous and appreciate the work I’ve done, and will continue to do, please consider donating (see above).

Please let me know if you have any other feedback pertaining to this script that may come in handy for future releases.

Installation Directions

Firefox You will first need to install an Add-on called Greasemonkey. Once this is installed and you’ve restarted Firefox come back to this page and click the download link to my script. A new type of popup will appear asking you to install it. Click “Install” and then refresh Gmail and you’re all set. To later remove or disable the script you can right-click on the Greasemonkey logo in your status bar (it looks like a monkey’s head), click “Manage User Scripts,” select “Gmail Select POP3 Now” and then either un-check “Enabled” or click “Uninstall.” Also removing the Add-on Greasemonkey will permanently uninstall it.
Google Chrome You will first need to install an Add-on called Tampermonkey. Once this is installed and come back to this page and click the download link to my script. Simply click my download link in this page. A new type of popup will appear asking you to install it. Click “Install” and then refresh Gmail and you’re all set. To later remove or disable the script you can do so from your Extensions section of Chrome or through Tampermonkey’s settings.
Opera – beta I personally have never done this but someone contributed a comment a while back with directions on how to do this. Basically you will need to download this Greasemonkey Emulator for Opera and then rename my script (aagmfunctions.js) to “00.gmfunctions.user.js” (or something along those lines). Then in the Opera configurations you need to add “opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptonHTTPS” and check the main checkbox to enable it.
Internet Explorer (IE) – beta There is a Greasemonkey for IE executable available which I have yet to test. Theoretically if it’s using the same Greasemonkey library as Firefox you should be able to install it for IE and then include my script. Further installation directions are not provided and I cannot guarantee this will work. If you do discover this does (or does not) work please let me know.
Safari – beta There is a Mac only GreaseKit for Safari (and a couple other platforms) which will emulate Greasemonkey User Scripts. I have never tried this, but feel free to attempt it and let me know what you find out. There is another userscript emulator called Ninjakit you could try if that doesn’t work.


  • When I view the Settings/Accounts page and click the “POP3″ link it doesn’t tell me it’s checking my mail, why?
    The script runs asynchronously in the background and does not manipulate your view. Thus, you will not see the Settings/Accounts page inform you of the update. However, if you click the “View history” link next to any of your accounts appropriately one minute after clicking the “POP3″ link you’ll see that it truly has updated.
  • Will your script check more than one of my POP3 accounts?
    The script will check every POP3 account you have entered into Gmail.
  • What is the minimum donation to unlock the additional settings?
    The minimum donation is currently set to $1, and the average donation is approximately $4. However, no one likes to be average, right? :)

Change Log

October 13, 2013

  • Updated the new Gmail location to be visible on all Gmail templates (people with dark templates couldn’t see the countdown).
  • Fixed a performance issue which could cause unresponsive tabs in Chrome if the script ran for very long periods of time.

October 3, 2013

  • Quick update to account for the new Gmail layout without the black-bar. I may move the location of the countdown in a future release, but for now it should be usable again.

April 12, 2013

  • Applied a patch that was causing Chrome version 27.X+ to not load the script correctly. This was due to a recent announcement by Google of replacing WebKit, causing the XHR requests of the script to get wacky. Should be all fixed now, and backwards compatible with older version of Chrome and/or recent builds of Firefox. (Thanks Jonathan, Kyle)

February 15, 2012

  • Sadly Firefox wasn’t playing nice with the new layout, so I’ve rolled it back to the old version where the POP3 script is displayed next to your name/email address in the top right corner. All cosmetic issues should be fixed now, but if not please let me know.

February 12, 2012

  • Fixed a bug I caused from yesterday’s update which prevented Firefox users with the oldish version of Gmail from searching. Sorry! If you are still experiencing issues with this please do let me know.

February 11, 2012

  • Another update by Google reimplementing their black-bar (but of course a completely different set of code) broke the placement of the POP3 script. This bug has been fixed. Gmail now has about 6 different templates, and if your script isn’t working properly please do let me know as it is possible it is broken with the new code.

December 13, 2011

  • After another update by Google the placement broke, preventing the script from fully loading. This bug has been fixed.

December 9, 2011

  • Fixed the misplaced POP3 countdown/text on the new Google header. It should now be located under your name or email.

December 5, 2011

  • Required upgrade. If the upgrade doesn’t work in Firefox with Greasemonkey you may have to uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.
  • Added support for new Google header.

November 13, 2011

  • Fixed a bug where the script would error with missing element “:pn” if the setting for “Refresh” was turned on during start-up in Firefox 8.0.

August 1, 2011

  • Fixed a bug introduced by a new version of Gmail which prevented the client side script from loading in Google Apps or non-Google+ Themed templates. This update is not required, but if you’re experiencing problems with your current client version 2/17/2011 loading you’ll want to upgrade. (Thanks Ertugrul)

July 25, 2011

  • Fixed a cosmetic text-coloring issue caused by the new Google top-banner strip and other dark themes to better contrast the textual countdown.

February 23, 2011

  • Added support to re-check if internet connectivity is lost. You will see the message “Connectivity Lost” and the script with start over at a 3 minute countdown if this happens. This may occur if you put your computer to sleep/hibernate, you enter offline mode, or you actually loose internet or drop wireless. (Thanks Vito E., and Jeff W.)
  • Fixed a small cosmetic issue caused by the new Google top-banner strip.

February 17, 2011

  • Added support for Gmail’s new top banner strip, but also kept backwards compatibility with Google Apps. This is HIGHLY Beta and may cause cosmetic issues. (Thanks Charles E., Bob, Lachelle, Benjamin N., and Chris)
  • Required upgrade from September 25, 2010

November 3, 2010

  • Gmail disabled their original user interface, making the script stop POP3ing. I had to change the method it’s using to request for POP3 updates. (Thanks Benjamin N. and Duncan)

October 14, 2010

  • Optimized the Refresh setting to be more efficient.
  • Fixed an issue where the Refresh setting would “flicker” the compose screen and navigate you to the top of the page. Now refreshes are only done in the background on any of the list pages: Inbox, Sent Mail, All Mail, Trash, etc. (Thanks Nick N. and Adam)

October 12, 2010

  • Added full support for all Labs. Some Labs were preventing the POP3 link/counter from appearing or showing correctly; such as “Google Search.” (Thanks John-Paul C., Dave B., Jason S., and Matt V.)
  • Fixed a broken link in the Terms of Service.

September 30, 2010

  • Changed the mime-type of server requests to text/javascript to prevent warnings in Chrome. (Thanks Dave B.)

September 26, 2010

  • Added popup with help information in the event an upgrade cannot be successfully made (Thanks Paul B.)
  • Fixed a bug in Chrome caused by today’s earlier release due to a new line character in an alert box which Chrome does not support… Sorry! (Thanks David C., Mark H., and Pootle)
  • Added the beta/new/experimental option to Refresh after POP3ing. Please let me know if you run into any issues while using it. (Thanks Daniel M., Dimas, and Halil O. for previously suggesting this feature)

September 25, 2010

  • Added HTTPS support to prevent Chrome from throwing SSL Certificate issues (Thanks all who’ve donated as it helped pay for the server certificates)
  • Corrected rare cosmetic issues with the header links (Thanks Aaron W.)
  • Added Change Log to settings pane
  • Fixed a bug implemented by Gmail’s source code which caused the setting’s pane to overtake the window in Firefox
  • Required upgrade from September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

  • Added the Settings pane (AWESOME!)
    • Request interval (3-60 minutes)
    • Display “POP3″ in label
    • Display time countdown in label
    • Toggle POP3 on startup
    • Donation link with toggle
    • Reportable errors
  • Now works in Google Apps sites! Hooray!
    • Runs independently from the normal Gmail site and in as many Apps as you have open
  • Displays “POP3 Accounts Missing” if none were found
  • Centralizes the code for easy updating without requesting a new download (for most cases)
  • Moved POP3 link from the far right to next to “settings”
  • Loads instantaneously on slow or fast connections without fail.
  • Makes less requests to Gmail to obtain account information.
  • Sends out a POP3 request quietly and quickly (less than 1 second).
  • Fixed many bugs which were incorrectly gathering the accounts email address needed to POP3 properly.
  • Added script stealing preventions to protect the masses; and my reputation (sorry script kiddies).
  • Tested stable in Firefox 3.6.9 and Chrome 7.0.503.0 dev

April 3, 2010 [download]

  • This is the same exact release as “April 2, 2010 BETA” except I cleaned up the code and removed unnecessary lines of comments. It should now be stable and working properly again.

April 2, 2010 BETA [download]

  • Gmail changed their authentication method with making requests to POP3 accounts. I’ve hacked their code once again to update the script accordingly.
  • I had to remove the option to use iFrames for the requests as the new method can only be done via the POST method. However, it should still function the same.

February 25, 2010 [download]

  • Fixed a very large bug where the number of POP3 accounts you had were miscounted by the script.This should only really affect people with more than 4 accounts, or people with 1. Oh… my silly simple arithmetic skills! (thank you Brad Stinson)

February 24, 2010 [download]

  • Fixed a very large bug where if a POP3 account was ever deleted then any future accounts being added would not be checked. This implies any POP3 account deletion ever occurring, not just after my script was installed. If you’ve had problems with previous versions of this script not POP3ing your accounts, this probably will fix it. (thank you Robert/NRHTX).
  • Fixed a bug where only accounts marked as “Send email as” would be checked. Now all POP3 accounts will be checked, regardless if you’ve set up Gmail to have the ability to send as themselves (thank you Julien Nephtali).
  • Fixed a bug where the “Offline Mode” and “Labs Icon” in the header were not clickable (thank you Jerry Chong and JackieKu).
  • Added support for “” accounts, which typically occur for the German, Chinese, and various other languages.
  • Rolled back the AJAX cross-domain checking to an injected iFrame.
  • Added the variable “useIframe” which will negate the last bullet point, allowing it to use AJAX instead of the iFrames. This should be left to “true” unless you experience issues, then try it as “false.”

February 21, 2010 [download]

  • Fixed a huge bug produced by yesterday’s (2/20/2010) update which only let the counter count down once, check your mail, and then never counted again. Anyone who has the 2/20/2010 update should download the new one immediately (thank you emarell).

February 20, 2010

  • Fixed a bug where if checkEvery was set to 0 the timer would start counting negative if you clicked the “POP3″ link (thank you Robert/NRHTX).
  • Fixed a bug where certain Languages were not supported based on their unique code; such as German (thank you Fred).
  • Changed the method of checking POP3 accounts from an injected iFrame to an AJAX call. Reason being that some people were reporting the update working (which uses AJAX), but not the actual checking of the POP3. This issue seems to have been affecting very few people, but hopefully it’s now fixed (thank you Fred and Reed).

February 19, 2010 (a & b)


Sorry! I hate to keep releasing new versions so often, I promise unless something goes drastically wrong this will be the last one for a while.

  • Fixed a bug where if checkForUpdates was set to false (defaults to true) it wouldn’t countdown to a POP3 correctly.
  • Corrected an issue where when updating a previously installed version of this script it wouldn’t do it successfully.
  • Put a sleep buffer on the words “Fetching…” and “Done!” to confirm your POP3 accounts have been checked.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had checkEvery set to 0 it would tell you to set it to a number larger than 3. This shouldn’t have happened since 0 should mean for the script to not automatically check.
  • Added the variable sendAccountForUpdate (defaults to true) which will send me your account name for contact, update, and bug purposes. I will never share or sell your information in any way, but if something critical happens and the auto update fails this will be my last resort of contact. Otherwise never expect an email from me and the script will continue prompting you for an update if one occurs. If you turn this to false you wont hurt my feelings, but just know you’re limiting yourself from a drastic bug update in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had your Gmail settings for the number of conversations on the page changed to anything but three characters (say you selected “25″ instead of “100″) then it would not pull your account settings correctly, thus failing to POP3. (Thanks Chuck for pointing this out!; reason for version ‘b’)

February 18, 2010 (b)

  • After today’s release I noticed some gmail images were being referenced from the wrong base url because of the way the script is pulling in your account data in the function findAccountInfo(). This has been corrected.

February 18, 2010 (THIS IS HUGE)


  • Fixed a bug where if checkForUpdates was set to false or checkEvery was set to 0 the script would count up instead of have no count.
  • Added the showCountdown flag which will allow you to turn the countdown off if it annoys you.
  • Corrected a https security issue when checking my server for an update.
  • And Probably the greatest improvement of all time: Everything now runs in the background asynchronously and will not navigate to the settings page. Yay! Appreciate this, because you have no idea how deep I had to dig into gmail’s source code to hack out your google identification number and session key to call the “Check mail now” links directly. :D
  • Because everything runs in the background it’ll never tell you that you’re navigating away from a page when composing or replying to a message (which is just awesomeness all over).
  • Dropped the default checkEvery time to 8 instead of 10 since it will no longer annoy you when composing a message.
  • Added a check to make sure you’re not trying to check faster than every 3 minutes… since I’d LOVE if you didn’t get my script banned by Google.
  • I’ve added a “Donate” button to this page (see above) if you’re feeling generous and appreciate the work I’ve done and will continue to do. Don’t feel pressured though!

February 14, 2010 [download]


  • Added a count-down to the POP3 link.
  • Prevented the script from POP3ing if you’re composing a new message.

February 11, 2010

  • Fixed an issue where this wasn’t supported for Google Apps. Thank you Pootle and Ed for catching this!

February 9, 2010

  • The bug where either Firefox 3.6 or Gmail’s Greasemonkey support became unstable, preventing this among other scripts to work, has been fixed. This script no longer uses Gmail’s Greasemonkey support.
  • Updates were made to have more of an aggressive DOM manipulation.
  • The ability for the script to check for updates has been made. It is on by default, but you’re more than welcome to turn it off by setting the checkForUpdates variable to false.

January 15, 2010 [download]


  • Script was released in a stable state using Gmail’s Greasemonkey support

815 Responses to “GMail POP3 Checker for Greasemonkey and Chrome (Automatically!)”

  • Max J Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Like a few other posters, my script stopped working in Chrome a while ago and functionality hasn’t returned. I tried reinstalling Tampermonkey and the script and have updated and restarted Chrome but still nothing. Any ideas, please?

    Thanks for the script, by the way – lifesaver.


    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Max – I’d suggest double checking that Tampermonkey is enabled, and the script is installed and enabled. I haven’t heard of any recent issues with the script after the latest stable release, but that’s not to say there isn’t a problem. What version of Chrome and/or Tampermonkey are you using? Are you on Windows or Mac?

  • Christopher Says:

    question, do I have to stay logged into that gmail account for the script to work? I use a different address for youtube etc.


  • Andre Says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for this! It will potentially be a huge help. Question is: if I keep this running on my desktop with the browser open to my gmail inbox and the script installed, will it continue to check even if I am away from my computer for hours, days, etc.?

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Andre – Your assumption is correct and if you leave your browser open with the script running it should continue to POP3 more frequently even if you are not there. That’s assuming there isn’t an act of God or your power goes off. :)

  • Akaber Says:

    My account has been locked :(

    • Jason Says:

      Yikes. Because of this script? That seems a bit heavy-handed.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      I always suggest not using a faster frequency than once every 8 minutes, and only running the script from one browser window/tab at any given time. Also please limit your usage of manual POP3 fetches. Excessive use of the script in my development has caused Gmail to temporarily lock down my account for no more than 10 minutes. If you continue to experience these issues, I’d suggest disabling or removing the script temporarily to diagnose if that is actually the cause. If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Akaber Says:

    Hi, Daniel! , Thanks for this script …

  • Gwendal Says:

    I have been using your great script for about 1 month, it has been working fine so far. But the small add-on in the top bar of GMail has disappeared last week, and it does not work any more. I cannot make it appear again. Greasemonkey is activated, as well as your script in Greasemonkey.
    Upgraded Firefox to 27.0.1, restarted it and the computer again and again : no joy so far :-( .

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Gwendal – A recent update to Gmail has broken my script (cosmetically). I’m working on an update and will hopefully have a release sometime soon. Thank you for letting me know.

      • Davor Says:

        Hi Daniel,

        Same issue here. Looking forward to the update. Cheers

      • Craig Says:

        Hi Daniel,

        I too fall into the category of people who have the new Gmail interface. You mentioned that the script is only broken cosmetically, but for me it is not showing up, but also not working. I am getting my email about once an hour now. It would be awesome if there was a fix.


      • Daniel Slaughter Says:

        Hello Craig – I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I recently updated the script, and the issue you were seeing should now be fixed. If it isn’t, however, please let me know.

      • Gwendal Says:

        Thanks a lot Daniel, it has been back to full functionnality a couple of days ago !

  • Christopher Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Just to let you know the script cuts gmail off the side of the screen in Opera for Linux… Attached example.. Any ideas?


  • jojo Says:

    Hey, I love that you did this but the only thing I wish were different is the clock countdown: I find it distracting. Because it changes every second, it creates constant movment in my gmail window, like an ad, and I’d rather just focus on reading/writing. Is there anyway to change the icon so that it doesn’t countdown every second or so that it just doesn’t show the time until the next pop at all? Thanks!

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello jojo,

      Assuming you’ve donated to unlock the additional settings, you should see a little down-arrow next to the countdown. If you click on that arrow it will show you a settings box, which has a setting “Display time countdown in label” and the option “Turn off countdown in label.” This option will hide the countdown, but will still say “Fetching…” when the countdown has reached 0. See:

      If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Christopher Says:

    Hi Daniel just installed this script!!

    do I have to leave that gmail account up at all times to have it check those accounts under SETTINGS> Accounts on


    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Christopher – You will need to have the script installed, running, and have Gmail open in your browser with an active internet connection for the script to work. The script runs in the background while your browser is running and makes POP3 requests the same way you would manually by going to Settings > Accounts. If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Sumon Khan Says:

    Thank you for this awesome script. Is that possible to set the number for how many messages will fetch on each specific fetching times?

    It will help me a lot if it can be possible?

  • Hays Says:

    Hey Dan, I donated $20, but I’m still unable to get the script to work on either firefox or chrome. Please help if you can! I really need your script because I import certain email accounts into my gmail through POP and I hate waiting for gmail to get around to checking my mail accounts, and love your script. Really frustrating that I can’t get it to install. I updated firefox, I removed greasemonkey, I reinstalled greasemonkey, and clicked on the script to download it, and again it just displays the script in the browser. Chrome had a similar problem, except that when I tried to install the script over there, it just brought the script up in Safari! Ack! Help! Thanks.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Hays – I apologize for my delay. I was out of the country and didn’t return until now. Were you able to figure out the problem, or are you still experiencing issues with installing the script?

  • JAB Says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I cannot find anything to this regard. has anyone ever checked to see if this worked on Safari?


  • Retoucher Says:

    Hello, i donate 1$, how i can change interval to check email 8min to…min?

  • Woo-Cash Says:

    I found solution to my problem. The essential option is to accept cookies from other sites (or 3rd party sites – I don’t know English name for that option).

  • Aaron Christopher Evans Says:

    Donated $20. Thank you for making, and maintaining this.

  • Tarryn Says:

    I previously used this on Google chrome and it worked well. I had problems with Chrome and had to reinstall it. Not it wont let me run the script – I can download it but it wont let me open it. Please help!!!

  • cyang Says:

    a lot help! thank you very much!

  • Jodie Burdette Says:

    I have the latest version of your script but for the last few days it is not showing up when I am in Gmail. I am using the latest version of FF.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Jodie – You may need to uninstall Greasemonkey, then reinstall Greasmonkey and my script. A recent update to either Firefox or Greasemonkey has caused an issue with the script loading, requiring both of those items to be re-installed. If you need any assistance with this please let me know.

  • Woo-Cash Says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. It’s stuck at “Loading…”. I’m using FF 25 for Ubuntu in Polish language.

  • JazJon Says:

    Thanks! I have several new buisness emails I need to check and the hour delay was killing me! Now I finally have a speedy email system. It was a pain to dig through settings before your wonderful script.

  • Benjamin Gregoire Says:

    Thanks Daniel, you just saved me hours of wasted time and frustration with co-workers who must wait for me to go through the procedure manually to fetch my mail!!!

  • Mickey Says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I’ve installed your script with FF24.0 on Windows8 but haven’t yet donated. The POP3 request interval is thus set at 8 minutes by default, but the three POP3 accounts I have entered in my GMail show in their mail fetch history that the frequency spans somewhere between 0 minutes and 5 minutes. Before installing your script that frequency was around 70 minutes. Am I doing something wrong? Do I risk to have my account temporarily banned by Google?

    Thanks very much.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Mickey,

      That’s normal. The script itself is only informing Gmail to check your POP3 accounts once every 8 minutes. However, as Gmail receives more notifications from the user to issue POP3 checks, it actually anticipates the user wants more, and thus checks more often than my script is telling it. Even with my script unlocked I’ve kept it at 8 minutes for the last 3-4 years without any problems.

      I’ve only ever run into a temporary ban once while developing the script (Gmail locked me out for about 10 minutes) by accidentally causing a loop which caused a few thousand requests in a matter of minutes. To be safe, and since Gmail eventually starts POP3ing faster as you’ve seen, I wouldn’t advise going less than 8 minutes. With the script unlocked it allows you to go as often as once every 3 minutes, but 8 works great. With that being said, no one has ever reported getting banned for choosing 3 minutes. If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • mus Says:

    Hi Daniel!

    I love your script and I’ve been using it for quite some (have donated too!) time but after reinstalling windows 8, instaling FF, GM and the script itself it doesen’t show in GMail.

    Tried restarting the PC, nothing.

    It is installed and enabled in GM.

  • Andrew Says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the great script!
    I downloaded a while back and everything was running and updating my Gmail perfectly at 3 minutes, but I just noticed it switched back to 10 minute cycles and prompts the “Please consider a donation” text.

    I recently deleted my cache and cookies without thinking and probably lost the data that said I donated.

    Anyway around this or to verify my donation and get it back up and running? Thanks.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Andrew – Did you change your Gmail email, or is it the one you had before? The script should be unlocked for your Gmail, forever. However, if you changed your primary Gmail to something else, let me know what the new email is and I can switch it for you. You can email me the new one at:

      • Andrew Says:

        Nope the email address is the same.
        Maybe I just have to change the settings back to 3 minutes intervals since they may have reset or something. Thanks!

  • Oleg Says:

    Why not enable refresh after one minute or 30 seconds? 3 minutes is better than 8 and worth the donation, but I’d prefer to refresh as often as possible.

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Oleg – Gmail restricts the number of POP3 refreshes to once every 3 minutes. Any faster and they could temporarily ban your account. I suggest not going below once every 8 minutes. If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Thomas Says:

    Hi Daniel, I installed the script in Chrome and donated a few USD. The settings pane has been enabled (thanks!), but I still get the message “POP3 accounts missing” in the top right corner. How can I fix this?

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Thomas – I’m assuming you’re using two different accounts, one with POP3 accounts added, and the other without? Or are you getting both the settings pane AND the message that “POP3 Accounts Missing?”

  • Andrew Says:


    This installed in Chrome. I donated to adjust time checks. Can no longer see it at all. Has vanished. Tried to re-install. No go.

    What’s up


    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Andrew – There was a recent issue with Tampermonkey where it updated, causing the script to break. You’ll need to uninstall Tampermonkey, reinstall Tampermonkey, and then reinstall my script. If you need help with that please let me know.

  • Harry Behrens Says:

    Script still stays stuck on “Loading…” for me. Does not respond to mouse clicks or anything else. Running Windows 8, latest version of firefox, no other addons but greasemonkey enabled on firefox, no plugins enabled on firefox, default firefox theme, no other user scripts running on greasemonkey, default gmail theme, no Labs modules enabled in Gmail, antivirus disabled. Any ideas?

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Harry – Lets see if you are getting a script error. If in Firefox you go to Tools > Web Developer > Web Console, you should see a little window pop up. Now, refresh Gmail and let me know if there are any messages in that screen about javascript errors. If you need more help please let me know.

  • Ruth Says:

    Installed POP3 (and donated $5!) – worked great for a couple of weeks, but now connectivity is being lost every time it tries to check mail. Is there some setting that is off?

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Ruth – Someone else reported a fix to me recently about this. It sounds like it is a problem with the newest version of Tampermonkey. If you restart your browser, and then re-install my script, it should fix the problem you’re seeing. If you have any other questions or run into any other problems please let me know.

  • jay Says:

    hi daniel, script looks like a very handy tool. Have trouble installing it though. Installed Greasemonkey. Restarted FF, but when clicking donwload link above i don’t get a pop-up, just the script code. When right-clicking dl link and “save linked file as” and then opening the .js file in Firefox i get the same thing. What am i missing? FF24.0 MacOSX10.6.8

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello jay – If you have Greasemonkey installed already, it should prompt you to install it. It could be (and I’ve seen this happen before) that Greasemonkey updated or installed itself, and then disabled itself for some reason. Make sure that Greasemonkey is enabled on your Add-ons page in Firefox. If that’s still not the problem let me know and I can look into it further with you.

  • Mike Says:

    Hi, Daniel! Just installed the script and I have a question: Does it run only when Gmail is active in a tab? Or will it run within Chrome even if Gmail is closed? I have the Checker Plus for Gmail add on running. Will this script for that to check my POP mail?

    • Daniel Slaughter Says:

      Hello Mike – The script will only run when your browser is open, connected to the internet, and you’re on Gmail. I usually just “pin” a tab and leave Gmail running whenever I’m on my computer.

  • Dzung Says:

    I am running Firefox ESR 17.0.8 on RHEL 6.4 and the script does not seem to work. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Greasemonkey but still nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!

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