Burrito Recipe, Amazing!


This week while coming up with easy recipes to make for lunches I decided to go with Beef Burritos. I bought a bunch of ingredients that I through together to form 8 1lb burritos (with extra filling for later) I estimated at $1.73 each.


1 Small Package of White or Brown Rice [$1.50]
2 Cans of Black Beans [2@$0.70]
1/2 Small Bag Frozen Yellow Corn (about 1 can) [$0.60]
1 Jar Medium Salsa [$1.00, I got it on sale]
1 Cup diced red onion [$1.00]
8 9″ Burrito Shells (you can always get bigger ones too!) [$1.30]
1lb of Hamburger meat (feel free to substitute chicken/steak) [$2.50]
1 Package of Taco Meat Seasoning

Ground Black Pepper
Ground Red Pepper
Crushed Red/Green Peppers (The stuff you put on pizza)
Garlic Powder

Optional Ingredients

Shredded Mexican Cheese
Sour Cream


In a separate pan cook the entire bag of rice according to the instructions on the bag. Make sure it doesn’t dry out otherwise you’ll burn the rice! Also make sure you constantly stir this throughout the next few steps.

Start a large pan on medium heat. The kind of pan you could cook soup in. We’ll be eventually adding the rice to this mixture! Throw the red-onion, corn, the entire jar of salsa, and black beans (including the liquid!!! It makes excellent sauce).

In a separate pan fry the meat, poor off excess grease, and add the Taco Meat Seasoning mix to it.

Add your seasoned meat to the large pan with the red-onion/beans/salsa/corn. Stir.

Once the rice is done (soft to the bite) add it to the pan with the other ingredients. Turn down the heat to low. Stir.

Add the various seasonings to taste. Do not go over crazy on the Garlic Powder, we’re not making Italian burritos here!

Steam your burrito shells. To do this in the microwave take a large plate and put a bowl filled half way of water on top of it. You can set each individual burrito shell on top of the bowl of water and microwave for 20 seconds on each side. This does an excellent job of steaming the shell so it’ll be easily malleable.

Once the shell has been steamed add the Burrito mix you just made, cheese, sour cream, or whatever else you like. Roll, enjoy!


Makes 8-11 1lb burritos in a 9″ burrito shell.

Bottom Line

I ended up making 8 burritos at about $1.16 each. Because I had excess burrito filling left over, if I had more shells I could have made 2-3 more… putting the price to $0.85 each!

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