I logged into Yahoo

Today, I logged into yahoo to find that I was presented with an advertisement from Sprint. They were advertising like they typically do on the right side of my email client, but today they caught my eye. They had an advertisement for a sleek looking cell-phone (M610 by Samsung). So, curiously, I clicked it. Low and behold it loaded in a Valentines Day looking Flash Applet. This would be fine, except everywhere it said “Undefined” (meaning the flash didn’t load an xml source correctly somewhere). Oops, that’s what is known as a loss in profit.

I found the correct path. I just stripped off the GET crap in the url and everything loaded correctly. But, as you may see, it still didn’t take me directly to information on that cell phone. I gave up looking in frustration and posted this instead. Good think I went with Verizon Wireless.

Daniel Slaughter

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